Buy new stethoscope

When should I start shopping for a new stethoscope?

Many medical professionals will go years before replacing their stethoscope. We all have different reasons why they would replace their stethoscopes. Maybe your dog ate it, got stolen or maybe It’s on “life support” held together by duct tape. Even if you’ve been able to protect your stethoscope from real-life realities of doctors, dogs, daylight and...

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Right Stethoscope

Which Littmann Stethoscope is good for you?

The Stethoscope is the utmost important diagnostic tool for doctors, medical students, registered nurses or physician. To give the best diagnosis you need a high-performance dependable stethoscope. With a wide selection, patented technology, and trusted quality, Littmann Stethoscopes are the right choice for every medical professional. Littmann stethoscopes have become recognised for high quality and incomparable acoustic...

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Littmann Blog

Finding a genuine Littmann Stethoscope

Do you ever ask yourself if you have an original Littman stethoscope? As a medical professional, you need your tools of the trade to perform to the highest standards – and that’s why you choose a Littmann brand stethoscope from 3M, synonymous with acoustic excellence. Since this brand is so common and so current, it’s also a target for imitators. Fake Littmann...

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