When should I start shopping for a new stethoscope?

Buy new stethoscope

Many medical professionals will go years before replacing their stethoscope. We all have different reasons why they would replace their stethoscopes. Maybe your dog ate it, got stolen or maybe It’s on “life support” held together by duct tape.

Even if you’ve been able to protect your stethoscope from real-life realities of doctors, dogs, daylight and duct tape, it may be time to upgrade. Natural wear and tear certainly will occur with a stethoscope that is continuously in use and while it may be enticing to hold onto your stethoscope for as long as possible, you may not even notice the sound quality weakening over time.

Here are some of the signs that might persuade you to get a new stethoscope
One of the first signs that your stethoscope has run its course is when the tubing becomes hardened. Most stethoscopes are made with PVC, which becomes rigid when it’s coming into frequent and prolonged contact with the oils found on human skin. But if you haven’t stayed current with changes in the stethoscope market, you may not be aware there are models available with single-piece diaphragms, next-generation tubing and improved acoustics. Next-generation tubing, provides improved resistance to skin oils, alcohol and stains for longer tubing life. Keeping your stethoscope up-to-dateis an important investment in your future. That’s particularly true if you find your colleagues are hearing things through auscultation exams you’re not, or if advanced diagnostic tests are uncovering things you’ve missed. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably time for a new stethoscope.

Personalise It

Your stethoscope goes with you everywhere. It’s part of you. It stands to reason it should express your unique style and personality. There are dozens of colour and finish combinations. Choose one that makes your Littmann Stethoscope truly yours.


Whether you’ve earned a promotion, achieved a noteworthy professional accomplishment, switched clinical specialties or reached a significant milestone in your life (birthday, anniversary or accomplished a major personal goal), treat yourself to new stethoscope to commemorate life’s most meaningful moments. Take the weight off your shoulders If your stethoscope is wearing you out, literally or figuratively, it’s time to move to a lighter-weight option. The only thing that’s constant is change… Change is always good. When you ready to expand your range, you can shop for a new Littmann® here.

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