Welcome to GetitGator, the company that is changing the way South African's shop. A company that is pushing the boundaries of technology and redefining the ecommerce landscape and the way businesses interact with consumers.

Established in February 2017, GetitGator is today recognised as one of South Africa’s top supplier for a wide array of products ranging from Cleaning, Homeware to Medical equipment. The secret of GetitGator’s success comes down to the company’s devotion to two key unique selling points; extremely competitive pricing and superb customer service.

Besides being an online store that offers a wide range of products such as Scotchbrite, Littmann Stethoscopes and 3M Autocare at reasonable prices, GetitGator’s competitive advantage lies in the opportunity presented to access to 3M’s full catalogue of products for sale in South Africa & abroad, and a desire to sell these products direct to consumers via online channels. This allows for product line expansion and access to 3M’s latest offerings. Furthermore, customers are able to receive instant assistance both online and offline, should they encounter difficulty in making a purchase, accessing a specific product, or would like to get clarity on the features of a product they would like to purchase.

GetitGator Team pride itself on fast, efficient and friendly service with a personal touch and it’s been that way ever since the company was established. The exceptional levels of service are balanced by a total commitment to giving customers the best value for money possible. GetitGator will simply not compromise on value or quality.

A successful retailer of GetitGator responds to its clients’ needs, no matter how demanding, with creative solutions based on a world class product line-up. GetitGator has managed to dominate its segment of the industry through the company’s ability to supply unique solutions irrespective of the complexity of the challenge. GetitGator offers a work environment that rewards creativity, values innovation and demands entrepreneurship. Our equipment is state of the art, the coffee is free and the views are breath-taking.

We take our company very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We respect our customers, partners and each other. Everyone that is part of GetitGator takes full responsibility for the business and treat it as their own. Everyone has the same opportunities, rights and privileges. Stuck Up People normally don’t fit in.

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