Finding a genuine Littmann Stethoscope

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April 23, 2023

Do you ever ask yourself if you have an original Littman stethoscope? As a medical professional, you need your tools of the trade to perform to the highest standards – and that’s why you choose a Littmann brand stethoscope from 3M, synonymous with acoustic excellence.

Since this brand is so common and so current, it’s also a target for imitators. Fake Littmann stethoscopes are filtering out into the marketplace, and even though they appear to offer some benefits on the surface, you’ll only be dissatisfied if you end up buying one. Of course, no one advertises these deceiving Littmanns as fakes, so it can be tricky to tell if what you are buying is the real thing or not.  Here are a few ways to figure it out:

Where are you getting it from?

Dealers that sell genuine Littmann stethoscopes like GetitGator Medical, are authorized by 3M to sell them.  If the dealer you are using isn’t a 3M authorized distributor, then he is probably trying to sell you a fake stethoscope.

How does it work?

If you’ve already bought one or happen to be buying one in person, the performance of a fake Littmann will certainly give it away.  Genuine Littmann stethoscopes have superior audibility and each model has features that a knock-off won’t be able to match.

Again, picking out a fake Littmann if you’ve never used a real one is tricky, which is why you should at least read up on the features and performance benefits before you venture out and make a purchase.

Just knowing how it’s supposed to feel and sound will be enough when you’re stuck with a mediocre product.  If you have used a real Littmann before, then you shouldn’t have any trouble recognizing one that isn’t genuine.

The Logo

Since the problem of fake Littmann stethoscopes is growing, 3M has announced on some of their websites that they are adding a security feature to newly produced products.  The underside of the box will feature the Littmann logo as a hologram to distinguish it from fake versions of the product.

We hope you won’t get conned this festive season and get the right stethoscope for your medical practice and achieve your medical goal.

Watch this video below to help you pick the right Littmann Stethoscope for your specific medical practice.